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Five Digital Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye (and Ear) Out For in 2018
January 3, 2018

A new year means new opportunities and outlets to reach an untapped market. Below are a few terms you may hear over the next few months, and how you can tap into their potential.

Microinfluencers: You're probably familiar with social media influencers; they can reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of people with a single post. Microinfluencers are similar personalities except with less than 100k followers. Despite their smaller reach, studies show that consumer trust skyrockets from 32% to almost 90%! Lower cost with higher conversions? Food for thought.

Non-visual experience: With the huge increase in smart speakers (think Google Home and Amazon Echo) sales in 2017, consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with these devices on a daily basis. By 2022, smart speakers are expected to in more than 55% of US households, creating an unprecedented opportunity to reach your audience.

Interactivity: With everything shifting towards automation, audiences still love being able to interact with technology. Email marketing is far from an ancient relic, and click-through rates increase 14% by including just a single interactive element. Click!

IoT: In addition to smart speakers, wireless internet connectivity is becoming embedded into hundreds of everyday things. IoT, or Internet of Things, is the basis for smart homes, appliances, cars, and nearly everything you interact with a daily basis. Major developments and broad implementation may still be a few years out but companies are gearing up to incorporate themselves into these devices. Pretty smart. 

One-to-One: Personalization and visualization is rapidly growing as more platforms are developing and accepting interactive and VR elements. Walking through your newly designed home before construction has even begun? Seeing your logo on the side of a building? Test driving a new car without leaving your home? All possible with personalized experiences now more accessible than ever. You can practically see the possibilities.


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